Dye Sublimation

sublimation plaque

Dye Sublimation is another digital printing process that we offer at Davenport Sportswear. Dye Sublimation is a full color process that allows us to print your artwork on a variety of substrates using heat. How can this printing process help your team? Here’s how: 

  1. Allows us to print custom plaques for award banquets at an affordable price 
  2. What team doesn't like custom socks? With Dye Sublimation we can make that happen! 
  3. Clipboards for coaches with your mascot and team name 
  4. Custom Full Color arm-sleeves 
  5. Custom Mini Basketball hoops 
  6. Decorative Picture frames for parents to add a photo too. 

We use dye sublimation for more of our personalized gifts as they are great options for parents to have memorabilia of the season or event. Custom plaques, clip boards and picture frames are great for end of season events or options for parents to order as they can be made in short order and can be customized for each athlete or coach. Custom arm sleeves can be ordered in a pack of 10 as each athlete will be able to wear on one arm if they wish for fashion reasons. Custom socks can be customized with the team mascot in a color scheme that works for you.  


High quality jpeg or .png files sized to print are acceptable for dye sublimation but vector artwork created in a graphics program at 300 dpi is best. To get started on your order contact us now! 


We know finding a dye sublimation in Columbus Ohio might be hard but you came to the right place.  We can't wait to get your next project off the ground!


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