Raise Money

Contact us about what you are looking to raise money for. A campaign will be set up with that goal in mind!

Start Production

Once your fundraising goal is complete we will start production on your agreed upon custom printed items!

No Paper, No Fuss

Easy and paperless. Just apply the web address to your marketing materials and allow individuals to make online donations. Paperless and easy fundraising is where its at!

t-shirt fundraising

Online Fundraising Campaigns Are Cool!

Online fundraisers allow coaches to do just! We can provide you with a basic PDF to share via email with boosters or on your team website! Coaches no longer have to keep up with a load of paperwork as payments are all made online.

Get Exactly What You Want

Contact us so we can get your fundraiser up and running. Discussions can include your goals and timeline. Inside the campaign we can add all the details including the price of your goal,  a description and photo so everyone will know what your team needs.

***All campaigns set up on Davenport Sportswear must use our printing services, or campaign will be cancelled***

screen printed t-shirts

Let's Get Started With Your Fundraiser!

Want to set up a fundraising campaign? Contact us to get started! Tell us how much you want to raise, and what custom printed items you would like to sell to raise your goal. It could be t-shirts, socks or even decals! To enhance your campaign you may provide us with a brief description and a photo and we can set your campaign up!

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