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Screen printing, the most popular printing method, is the process of taking your artwork and separating it by color. Once separated the art is burned onto screens and ready to print. One thing to be mindful of when placing an order at Davenport Sportswear for us to screen print is the number of colors in your art. Each color does add a small additional charge. Due to the labor-intensive process it is best if screen printed gear is ordered in bulk.  Screen printing is great for team t-shirts, hoodies, sweat pants and coaches' shirts as they are usually bought in larger batches.  


To get started we would need your artwork, or if you don't have any we can work with you on creating it. Once we know what we are printing we can then discuss what you would like your art printed on.  We offer a variety of blank products to choose from and can find options to fit many budgets.  To finalize we will gather all the sizes from your group and your order will be put into production. Pretty easy, right?  


Only need a few custom printed items? Then digitally printed heat transfers might be for your order. Read all about our digital printing options here.

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