Vinyl Cutting

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How We Can Help!

 Vinyl comes in a variety of colors, textures and patterns and has many applications. At Davenport Sportswear we use vinyl cutting for: 

  1. Low production runs meaning garments of 11 or less with simple text or designs.  
  2. Printing full color banners up to 27 inches wide. Great for tournaments and sponsors 
  3. Full color stickers and decals. Die cut and kiss cut options available.  
  4. Cutting glitter vinyl. Sometimes a little sparkle is needed! 
  5. Printing full color posters. Great for parents and locker rooms 
  6. Printing removable wall art. Full color images of course! 

As you can see at Davenport Sportwear we can do a lot of things with our large format cut and print machine. Eco solvent ink allows our stickers, decals and banners to last outside or inside. Our posters are bright and vibrant, and our removable wall art can render photographic results with a push of a button. 


To get started with placing an order that fits under our vinyl cutting services we will need: 

  1. Artwork. Vector artwork is best as it can be sized to fix a number of substrates and not lose quality. If you need help creating or turning your jpeg, png file into vector art we can help! 
  2. Number of items needed and size. Do you need 2 (two) banners 2ft by 8ft? Do you need 500 stickers with your mascot sized 2 inches x 3inches? In order to correctly quote your order will need those details. 
  3. Deadline. Do you need a rush job or will our standard quoted time work best for you?  

We do offer great bundle deals for your team and event. If you have any question on how we can work within your budget please don't hesitate to contact us!

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