youth basketball

Youth Basketball

youth basketball jessica davenport

Q: What made you start playing basketball? 

A: I was tall and coach wanted me to play lol. But seriously in 6th grade I won a free throw shooting contest in gym class and I went on to compete in the city championship. The following year coach asked me to try out and I had a lot of friends who we going to play so I tried out and made the team. 


Q: What has sports taught you? 

A: Sports has taught me a lot of things. Never stop trying to reach a goal, how to get back up after failing and, learning from those mistakes, courage, time management I mean I can go on all day. I believe all kids should be involved in group activities. It allows them to learn how t express themselves, understand and respect differences in individuals and how to work in groups to achieve a common goal. 


Q: What surprised you the most about your basketball career? 

A: That is lasted as long as it did. I didn't start playing thinking of going pro. I played because it was fun and I loved the competition. I liked being challenged and seeing how good I could be. Being able to get a full ride and travel the world was an amazing feeling. Making friends with people who don't speak the same language as you, but you share the same passion for the game is something that indescribable. I never thought I would be one the of the best players to come out of Ohio State and go pro and win a WNBA championship, but I had great people around me and I enjoyed the ride! 


Q: What would you tell athletes looking to take their game to the next level? 

A: Continue to work on your craft, do things that make you uncomfortable and maintain the things that you are good at. That is how you get better. Holding yourself accountable, and most importantly have fun. Will it get hard at times, yes, will you fail, yes, but there is always a lesson in a loss and those that recognize that and get better do well.  Youth basketball is the best part of any athlete's life. Ask any pro!